Tevalli, rainbow umbrella was produced by Mehmet Ali Türk in Beyazıt in 1971. 1979 Osman Turk took over the administration as the second generation.

When it came to 1990, in addition to the production of rain umbrella, it started to grow with the production of textile accessories for garden umbrella and plastic garden furniture.

In 1997, he took over the third generation management and increased the production capacity to the fabrication system. In the 40th year of establishment, Osmanbey Şemsiye Ltd. Shit. It was also established to become a private company in the field of specialization.

Tevalli, a company that specializes in the production of textile products, announced in early 2012 the brand Forsiesta brand special production service.

In all other production groups, all producers under the name of Tevalli Bahçesi brand and Tevalli who serves to the consumers, aims to be the “the most productive, the most qualified producing” brand in the industry.

The richness of the product range, its workmanship and quality, and the success of this event have been left to your esteemed customers.